Friday, August 22, 2008

San Francisco's Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in Golden Gate Park

That's the official name. Quite a mouthful. So I guess it has been a long time since San Francisco has had a big concert in the park. At least that's what I recall hearing on the radio when I first found out about this concert. In fact it is a three day concert. On the way in there were plenty of folks looking to score tickets for this sold out event.

A sea of bicycles parked away. If you enlarge the picture, you can see in the middle of the bikes is a person. Just to give you an idea of just how many bikes there are.

A new electric car. 284 miles per charge. I wish they made attachments for these cars. I'm always wondering if I was to get one, then going to somewhere like Ikea would be a futile undertaking but I guess you could spend the money you save on gas on delivery fees but man what a pain that is.

Manu Chow. My old roomate Johan introduced this guy to me. My sister says "manu chow is still around? ha ha." Yeah, he has an endearing reggae/rock feel that says "come love me hippies of San Francisco!"

Here is a crowd shot from the big screen. That's a lot of freaking people. Must have been exciting for the performers.

The Black Keys. They were really meh. The sound was really loud but luckily I had some earplugs on hand.

Here is a shot of the crowd SWARMING in for Friday night's headliners Radiohead.

They had a neat stage set with... they are iridescent. I forget the word. But they catch light in interesting ways. Maybe they are just white tubes. I think you could achieve a similar effect with a bunch of hanging PVC pipes and some lights but they did some neat things with them.

An interesting use of on stage cameras.

Dancing lights

Crazy lights

Karma Police

Green Plastic watering can...

here's a vid of the FX. They had one with falling rain I didn't film that was cool and the last song had words scrolling across the bars.

Everything in its right place...

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