Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Jen said to check this place out. Said it was "fun." Not really sure what that means. Maybe she was really drunk and HAD fun?

This place has all sorts of yakitori and katsu kushi items like hearts, gizzards, and well I just went with regular chicken thigh for tonight. Next time...

I really wanted to eat ramen though so here was me hoping to strike ramen gold.
Still waiting... The chashu was good but it was more like brisket. Cut too thick and falling apart. Not what I really want in my chashu ramen. There were peppers and bean sprouts in it which is just a weird take for me. I want my fish cake, shinachiku roots, and seaweed. Green onions slightly fried too. Raw onions have too much bite and the soup was not hot enough to make them unraw. Is unraw a word? While the noodles were good in smoothness and firmness, they had a clump of noodles stuck together in my bowl which is just a ramen no-no. Or any noodle no-no.

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