Sunday, September 09, 2007

Solano Street Fair 2

This is the biggest continuous street fair I've ever been to. It stretches for about 1 mile (from San Pablo to The Alameda) covering 22 blocks of non-stop street fair boothage. There is a 1 mile stretch of people. Lots and lots of people. For a nearly identical post, check out last years fair.

Here's a strange booth.

on the prowl...

for delicious meats! and food too.

corn! ^__^

foot-long sausages!

kettlecorn. so yummy. great for sharing.

Wahab settles down...

for Dr. Solar's Medicine (and slightly politically skewed) Magic Show.


Ice cream

Going for the Kill Screen. Although extremely glare-ridden, this seemingly more standard version of Ms. Pacman was definitely harder. Ms. Pacman moved slower, the ghosts were mean. I only score 18,000+ More practice needed.

Did you read last years post? This is the rematch.

Who has the advantage at this traffic induced delay? I'll let the viewers decide.

Again, Mei Mei is not trying to help Anthony up, but rather push him down. We declared Anthony the winner this year. Each contestant had one infraction each so we considered those to cancel out.

Fruit tart. mmmm.....

At Mei Mei's.


Garlic fries. @ Barney's.

Milk Shake. mmmm......

Pesto Chicken Sandwich. The chicken is way bigger than my hand!

This troubled bear was found at a bookstore.

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