Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chinese Food for Deda

@ Bok Choy Garden on Clement (at 19th). The food here is alright. Some of the dishes are a bit meager; for example the wheat gluten is good but you get like 6 pieces of it. >__< Here is Deda chowing down on Veggie Mu Shu.

There are also oddly named dishes. For example, this is their "Veggie Duck" which is just soy bean sheet fried with a crispy outside. It's good. It can be a bit greasy sometimes (I order this one often) but it has no resemblance to duck so, okay. Whatever!

This was the soy sheet clay pot. This one I hadn't had before but it was good. Had a bunch of white and black tree ear mushrooms XD

Free dessert (even when you order out!) - like a chilled mochi or jelly with chestnut inside.

Sesame Soup/Tea with Peanut Dumplings at Kowloon Dessert on 7th Avenue (at Geary).

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