Thursday, September 13, 2007

Onward with the Asian Cuisines

Moving down the list of "Asian Foods Deda can't get in Italy" Dosa on Valencia and 21st.

Cochin Calamari - "Calamari, sautéed with a sumptuous, spicy coconut milk sauce, served with mixed greens"

My food pics came out terrible today so this far view is all you get. These two both got the South Indian Moons Uttapam - "The chef’s selection of five different Uttapams served with sambar, channa (garbanzo beans) and chutney"

Chatni Masala for me - "Masala dosa spread with a divine spicy chutney that is made from either baby eggplant (baingan) or ridge gourd - a rare tropical vegetable originally from India"

How's the photoshop Ms. Vampire? Tommorrow night, Thai food.

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Deda said...

nice! See? I don't look like "the Italian from Hell!" anymore!