Saturday, September 29, 2007

Art Auction for... um... I forget...

So does bi-annual be every two years or twice a year? Maverix studios art auction features art pieces from the occupants of the studio as well as their friends which includes many Pixar artists. Which by the way if you haven't seen their short Lifted that showed with Ratatouille, do check it out at the above link.

Derek Thompson monster paintings.

Jennifer Chang

Jeremy (Natividad)


Start of live auction. Interestingly enough, Anita was the bartender at the Sony Metreon Moebius styled arcade thingee when I was working there. She is now married to someone at Pixar. Small world!

This last piece was an exciting lot with the auction starting off at $400 or so dollars and eventually with bids increasing at increments of $500. The final price was $3500. Anthony would later proudly say he got a piece by the same artist for 1/10 the price last auction.

Nian Gao

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