Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Solano Street Stroll Sfairsssss

To the Driver who made this day possible and braved ugly traffic and vampric fog - thants!

The Solano Street Stroll is a sorts of street fair. I've been to my share of street fairs but I was totally surprised by this one. As far as the eye could see, the fair kept on going. And when you've reached as far as you can see...

It'd keep on going...

and going...

Introducing: Solano Crew. Ahon, Meimei, Kevin, Jeremy

Grilled Oysters. Had to pass.

Pupchabos? Chupacabre? It was like mexican okonomiyaki but tasted like Mexico.

Chocolat - a chocolate store. With coconut curry chocolate. speechless.

Vodka Chocolate. Less surprising but equally odd.

Mondrian Car. No chocolate found inside. Disappointment.

Grilled corn. How I love you so. Let me count the ways. With my teeth.

Possibly the best $2 spent all day.

"If I find girl is a cheeeeeeat.... I crush her."

Meat stick oh meat stick. How I love my meat stick. This is probably my favorite lullaby!

Mei mei crystal shopping. There is a large snake in a mesh bag right behind her.

Nutella and Raisin-bread appetizer's at Mei mei's

Tissue rockin' it.

Hopelessly trying to tune a mandolin.

Thanks to our gracious host.

Tissue sitting on bike.

Pitstop to Deda's. Picking up towels and things. So tired. Goodnight.

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