Sunday, September 17, 2006

Found Objects, such as beer.

Finally a calm weekend, I cooked up some Anchovie and Leek Linguine.

Later, I went to Mei Mei's art reception. The theme was found objects.

Art Gallery Spread!

These two looked like a checkered board walking up the street.

Ninja Arts 37: Vanish!

Ninja Arts 24: Concealment!

Ninja Arts 66: Beer Chameleon!

Ninja Arts 8: Bread Destruction Technique

Waiting for food.

Food: Torino Crepe - Tomatoes, Feta, Basil, Mushrooms @ Crepe place on Washington & Polk

Next stop: Kennedy's. India Curry House / Bar. Open till 1am. Features Southern Indian cuisines. TONS of beer selections. I think the bartender flashed this group of guys who where having some sort of discussion about breasts. Pool tables, crappy art hockey table, darts.

Across the street from Bimbo's

err... Ninja Arts 568 - Elephant Impalement Needles

Biggest Veggie Samosas I've ever seen!

Wonky non-clanky Air Hockey

Zoltar: Give me your money!

Nat: Don't leave me Zoltar! I need your advice!

Fortune: You are the lifeblood of all Happiness. What pressure!

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