Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oliver's Angels

This was to be an epicurean adventure with bonvivant buddy Kat but alas she came down with a sore throat in the morning. Deda and co. were quick to take advantage of a free and available me. Our track started on Clement St. were we met up for a late lunch at a Taiwanese restaurant I can't remember. But it's located on 7th Avenue, just north of Clement. Decent eats, not so good service. I had the most unauspicious of seats next to the door, back facing out.

Clement & Funston

Picked up a GT along the way to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Tomoko and Deda

Khan Toke - Geary and 23rd.

Back to my apt for some Pirates of the Caribbean.

Oliver's Angels


Deda said...

oliver's angels!! XDD
So cuuuuute!

Lord Victor Bane Wulfe said...

HAHAHA!! Those pics turned out pretty funny! Borat says, "I LIIIKE." ^__^

I'm SO glad you pixellated my face out of that pic with the spicy duck. I looked so retarded! Hahaha!!