Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tina Malia international tour kickoff

Simply Amazing. Well, maybe I'm overhyping but I tend to do that right after I listen to a CD I like for the first time. And then over time I come to a more objective opinion of "that's good, but not great." But that's for CDs. This is live! Live as in rhymes with hive. Not give. Regardless, Tina Malia has an absolutely enchanting voice. It's the type of voice you'd want hear sing you a lullaby to sleep. Ah, but she does. She also has a myspace page.

2nd half of Heaven

Jai Uttal cover.

to my home in the hills
why did i roam?
to my home in the hills
take me back

Also picked up her album Silent Awakening. Bueno!

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