Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can't it just be called Pirates of the Caribbean 3?

First off, I mostly enjoyed the movie. There were some super hammy parts. As usual, the movie took a bit long to "wrap up." Even the epilogue after the credits was stretching out the length. Although it made time sense to do it but man! Anyways, lots more Jack Sparrow in this version. Some good one liners although I can't seem to remember any so what does that say? No spinning wheel fight in this one but they somehow manage to OUT-DO that fight in terms of physical rotations. While pirately appropriate, the director must have been on the tea cup ride at Disneyland when he came up with this one. I'm sure they could have edited it down to 150 minutes instead of 165. Oh well. Yo ho yo ho.


Maria said...

What about Chow Yun-fat? How does he do as a pirate? A good Chinese pirate accent (better than his Cantonese-Mandarin Crouching Tiger accent I hope).

Nat said...

CYF was forgettable. It might have been important though since I think one of the 2nd movie's biggest fault was focusing less on the Jack Sparrow character. And the pointless 45 minute island adventure scenes.