Sunday, May 20, 2007

Music and Food.

Sizzling Rice Soup. Last time, Kev and I had this at Taiwan Restaurant and it wasn't that great. This time at (I think) Lucky Fortune Restaurant (also on Clement) Dan and I received a much better version of it. Notable difference: there were no hard pieces of rice. Anything in the soup you'd want to eat. Tasty!

String Beans with Beef in Black Bean sauce. Too much Black Bean = too salty! This is your standard run of the mill dish. It's edible and the extra salt means you just eat more rice so it's not necessarily a ~bad thing but it's not a good thing. And the dish itself. Not bad. Not great. Just ok. Definitely have had better.

And I can't remember when the last time I had Honey Walnut Prawns. These were the non-saucy types. That is to say, these were the crunchy types. We got a bit short-changed on the walnuts but if you are going to have a lack of balance in the prawn to walnut ratio I guess I would want more prawns. I never really followed up doing reviews so I'll quickly say this place is ok. I liked the soup. There are cheaper restaurants out there that will get you the same quality. As for Taiwan Restaurant; not so much. 5/10 for Lucky. 4/10 for Taiwan.

So the real reason for being in the neighbourhood was a continuation of the Mission Creek Music Festival. This time was a show featuring all the bands from the Three Rings Label. Pictured above is Scrabbel.

This show was a fund raiser show so all proceeds went to a charity group for homeless children and teens. That's Jay Martinovich with the Big Salmon.

So Music for Animals did the last show. Basically because they are the most popular. Here's a cool group action shot. Everyone has their mouth open and is striking a pose.

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