Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Day

A meeting of family for food. West Coast style!

Looks like giant tortellini

Front row L --> R is my grand aunt Sophie, Helen (wife of), Chris (my 1st cousin once removed).
Back row L --> R is William & Alexandra (children of Helen and Chris), Chris' younger brother (and obviously another 1st cousin once removed) Henry and his wife Anna. Then me.

Ah, an image that lives in every Chinese person's childhood. The horse race for the check.

San Francisco Ferry Building. I knew they remodeled it but I had no idea it was like a mall inside.

A view out towards my old home.

Afterwards we were all heading for our cars (well I wasn't) and I ask Henry if he was going home.
Henry: "No, we're headed for the new mall"
Me: "Me too. I'm going to go see Spiderman"
Henry: "Us too"

The mall isn't too new. It opened last November. Here is the large oculus in the middle.

Wow. I was warned that this one was bad. Really bad. Musical numbers. Spiderman swinging in front of American flags. Kirsten Dunst. But no warning could truly realize how awful it was. I went in with really low expectations and the movie managed to surpass even those low expectations.

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