Saturday, October 29, 2005

Rattlesnake Roundup

There was no such things happening this time. At one of Mike's previous barbeques, a rattlesnake who'd been lurching about his land decided to appear. Having watched too many episodes of Animal Planet, they made a make shift snake lasso with a wooden post and some wire and catch it, but after catching it, they were like "now what?" Let it go! You let it go! Not only do we have a rattlesnake, now we have a pissed off rattlesnake. Suffice to say, the rattlesnake did not meet a good end. My only question why "why no rattlesnake steaks?"

I caught a ride to Mike's with Jimmy who used to rent a room from Mike. Thank goodness. Mike lives on a large hill in Petaluma amidst many many acres of farmland. Amidst many winding partially paved roads. No way would I have found that house. But what a nice house it was. A log cabin. I didn't know people still had these things.

Happy Halloween...

"My kitchin is THIS big"

Paul, Mike, Laurie's hair.

Mike's friend with Diana. Mmmmm, hot wings... (see foreground)

And what is a bbqblog with pictures of food? Unfortunately I was busy eating so this is the only one I got to take. Delicious yams and a pesto and artichoke salad. Other things were the above mentioned hot wings, tri-tip steak, some sorts of Korean Rock chicken? It was just a big piece of chicken breast that was good. Chips, Asparagus, Fruit salad. Some sorts of Peach cake. Oreo cake. Lots of beers and Irish Car Bombs. I think I'm too old for car bombs already. It's so very college and all I got out of it was a hangover. And that was like 1 hour after drinking! How does THAT happen???

View down the hill.

Over looking Petaluma

As the evening approached, some of us escaped to the second floor... where a grand 3 xbox linked Halo match began. I did pretty bad in the beginning but when we played small maps, I suddenly started doing well almost winning once. Fun was had. Especially when you hear other players on the other stations crying out when you get them. All sorts of fun noises of agony. We see Mike's living room being overlooked from the 2nd floor. For reference, see the first picture. Living room to the right. Xboxs up stairs. Stone pillar is a fireplace.

Drive home back down the hill. This part of the road is covered in manure. =P Once again, glad I didn't have to drive. Not sure how long it would have took for me to get down that hill in the dark. Except for feeling crappy and not at all buzzed from Car Bombs, the food was great and fun was had! Peace.