Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh Baby! It's a Power-Play-Goal!

For those who really know me, I am a big New York Rangers fan so to say I both surprised and excited to see the Rangers tied for 1st in their conference is somewhat of an understatement. For the past 7 years, the fans have been banished to hockey purgatory seeing all of our young and promising players traded away for fading over the hill over paid veterans. And now this year, not only are we playing well, not only is the coach holding players accountable for bad play, not only are we rolling 4 lines, not only are playing times kept to reasonable amounts, BUT on top of that, this year we have already seen SIX rookies playing with 4 of them receiving consistent ice time and TWO receiving quality minutes. ONE being a goalie so of course goalies get lots of minutes. I really didn't have to capitalize "one." The rookies are (I know you don't care!) Ryan Hollweg, Bryce Lampman (both back in the minors), Petr Prucha (avg 12 mpg), Max Kondratiev (avg 17 mpg), Fedor Tyutin (avg 19 mpg), and goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Hurrah! I love the Rangers! Yaaaaay! See my juvenille joy overflow!

4 - 0 shutout versus Florida Panthers.
Henrik Lundqvist 1st career shutout
Fedor Tyutin 1st career goal
Petr Prucha 1st career goal
Awesome! To the Max!

5-1 spanking versus Atlanta Thrashers.

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