Monday, October 24, 2005


Here's a funny story. So I'm bringing in my Subaru in for its 120k maintainence because I want that baby to purr for a few more years. I'm also getting a new timing belt and water pump and all that good stuff. The thing is that oops! I forgot to pick it up! Here I am stuck in Marin county with no car! Luckily, I am able to catch a ride with my co-worker and I bus it home the rest of the way - at least I got to play some Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on my DS. This seems like it's hardly a game. More like an interactive courtroom novel. You do have to collect evidence and present it contrary to witness testimony but the large part of the entertainment is in the characters and what they say rather than any "figuring it out." Speaking of figuring things out, I got all the way out to the parking lot before I realized I forgot to pick up my car. "Ok, so where did I park my car.... I know! At the auto shop!" was pretty much my thought process at the time. I did have a good laugh at myself. Plus the car ride home with Jimmy! was fun. We discussed 80s music and how to sneak into Academy drawing workshops.

Objection! You must be mistaken!

I can't be. I'm abso-posi-tutely perfect! The dude with the rings is hysterical. A really good translation job done on this game.

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