Sunday, October 02, 2005

I hate ghosts!

Well the annoying bastard ones. One of the reasons I want to move out is my very annoying but unconfirmed ghost experiences via dreams. The first incident happened a while ago in a lucid dream. Sometime around 6:30 AM I had a lucid dream that took place in my room. Normally my dreams are all blurry around the edges and sorta unclear but this one was so clear I remember questioning if I was dreaming or not. My door is always locked when I sleep. I guess it's just a habit but in the dream, in my room, the door was opening. slowly. and just as slowly a figure in a white night dress you'd sleep in and with long dark hair in the face enters my room. I'm frozen with fear unable to move all the while this appears as the real thing. Each painfully slow step (I guess if the ghost ran at me it might have sucked more though) inching closer to me as I desparately struggle to fight free from this lock. As I fight the paralysis, I can see a hand stretching out. Closer. and closer. Right before my face. and the hand is gone. So is the mysterious visitor. Able to move, I look around the room and draw open the blinds. Everything is as it should be. Except now, I am actually awake. The object in the room are as the were. The amount of 6:30AM light is just right. And I'm very shaken. So much I called my mom because I was afraid the ghost might have been her but after being assured by her voice, I thought "my mom wouldn't freak me out like that in a dream!"

A few weeks later, I had another experience. This was a black dream, meaning there were no visuals because the setting was once again me sleeping. ahem, trying to sleep. This time however, it was dark, which isn't how it is because there's a street light outside my house that's always on (unless the bulb went out that night) so there's always just a little light coming through. The first time, I felt a tug on my blanket. It felt damn real but it didn't strike me as odd which is typical of my dreaming pattern. If someone is flying like superman when I dream, there isn't an alarm that goes of that says "you're dreaming Nat! you should go fly too!" Anyways, I pull my blanket back up only to have it tugged again. I'm trying to sleep here thank you! I guess that was my only concern, so I pull the blanket back over. The third time, in a wave of rage, the blanket is torn clean off of me but once again twist up and pull it back down. You'd think I'd be suspicious at this point but I guess this one wasn't a lucid dream, only sorta realistic feeling. When my ghost wasn't having any of this so the fourth time its pissed as fuck. I get flipped on my stomach and my arm is twisted around my back. I can FEEL my arm twisted here. It also feels like the ghost has its weight on my back to hold my arm down as well. WTF?!? It takes a bit of effort but I toss that guy off my back and wake up at the same time. Just like movies eh? Again, it's in the at 6:30-7:00AM time again. I wake up swearing. From then on, I make sure I have an electromagnetic conduit while I sleep to be my ghost barrier. It's usually my stereo playing music set very low. It's like a silver line holding me safely between the dream world and consciousness. Sometimes it's the computer on but both my desktop and laptop have become pretty frazzled and unreliable for the task these days.

Sunday 7:00AM, Nat's Room (Law & Order "dun dun")

I've seen ghosts before in my regular type of dreams before. It's usually an apparition sort of thing. You see it. Frozen with fear and when you manage to move, you wake up. Dreams should be nice with rainbows and sunny meadows. Not dark ghostly battles! In this dream, YET AGAIN, I'm in bed. This time it is obviously not my bed but it's not a lucid dream either so I don't know any better. Apparently there is some weird competition to wake up first and get this key chain sort of thing before the others. Others being my older (and married) brother (I mention because he is alone in the dream) and a I think maybe my cousin Lester or an old family friend Michael. So we all go to sleep and yee-haw! I get a visitor! This one is just going for the ominous chest press but I guess I'm a ghost sparring veteran now so it wasn't hard to fight him off. At this point I grab the key chain thing which apparently reads "1000 year sword" in Chinese on it. The dream veers off into, well what regular dreams are sometimes like. I'm off taking out ghosts with my 1000 year sword. Well, no. Dreams aren't really like this at all. Not since like high school. Did you know, I think I have crazier dreams during full moons? Weird isn't it? Weirder. I looked up on a Moon Calender. Today is a new moon. I never noticed when these annoying dreams happen but I'm gonna keep a look out now. So fast forward to the end. The enemy has taken form of a bunch of ghosts. I ask if I should kill them to which I hear the response from the elder in my dream "Let them sleep" and sleep ghosts should. They should be able to sleep without fear of being cut down with imaginary 1000 year swords. Maybe it was a trick though because the ghosts certainly don't agree with "Let them sleep." I had repeated annoying visits following this point. They were never as severe as the past ones but just as annoying. It's 8:00AM now and I still can feel a lingering sense of unease.

I hate ghosts. The shitty annoying types.

I want a T-shirt that reads "not a chair" on the chest. Written like chinese ghost paper.

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