Thursday, June 04, 2009

Old Islamic Mandarin Restaurant

That is in fact the name of the restaurant.

We got some halal Chinese hot pot. There was a side of soup that may have resembled the infamous "circle of death" but it was not too hot and navigating your food from the "uncontaminated area" to your plate was not too challenging. Oh hey, did you know Simon has been updating Vachina? Cool, Simon eats a durian.


Niu Bai Ye (one of the 4 cow stomachs)

Giant plate of beef tendon. Awesome. Conclusion: it was a delicious meal which is nice considering I'm usually down on Chinese food in SF but it was definitely NOT Chinese priced. Expensive. The price range of dishes ranges greatly. Some are cheap. Some are exxxxxxpensive. Like the beef tendon was only mildly expensive. I know restaurants where you can get like a full big ass lobster for that price.

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