Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Saturday of Adventures

Coworker Erol has recommended the Cheese Board for Pizza in Berkeley for quite some time. Finally getting around to trying it out. They looked like they had a decent cheese store next door.

They only make one type of a pizza a day. Today's was Heirloom Tomato w/ lots of stuff. A girl in line said it was one of their best ones. The toppings were good. The cheese was good. The bread and crust were disappointingly "Californian." Mostly that consists of unpleasant chewiness.

Eating Berkeley style. Sitting in the middle of the road.

@ Ironworks for rock climbing.

I was surprised to learn that Dan, Kevin, and Steve all had not been before.

It's a jungle! A jungle... gym?

What are they looking at?

Could be my legs?

Mr. Ape-Prowl?

Not likely. What was likely or rather predictable was how much these guys enjoyed it. And how sore our forearms would be.

We were intending to go to Cha Am in Berkeley for dinner but accidentally walked into Dara Thai Laos Cuisine. The Papaya Ice drink was pretty delicious. Similar drinks were enjoyed by others.

I ordered the Stuff Eggplant which was good.

This beef and vegetable dish w/ cashews was ok.

I found the beef in this Massamum Curry to be a little dry.

Sticky rice! There as some pretty bad reviews on yelp. I would say there were some high points and some myeh-points. Nothing terrible. I could imagine if it had been busy there that the service would have suffered. I recall my tea cup having a soapy taste so some of the complaints on yelp probably aren't baseless.

(warning: following content may not be suitable for all audiences)

I went to my friend Ryan's 30th birthday party. It was at Sauce. A bar/food place. Their kitchen appeared to be open till closing which is nice and rare. They had "30" glasses and "3" + "0" sparklers. There was a nice mix of people and much merriment in the air.

Ryan's girlfriend Natalie arranged some surprises. Have a seat!


Much laughter to be had.

Modesty Meat.

"Thank you honey!"

And the surprises didn't end there. Ryan got an awesome suitcase from his friends for his birthday.

Calling people to touch his suitcase. haha

Happy birthday Ryan. It was a crazy and very amusing party you had.

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