Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a Trap! (Surrounded by Swedes!)

So tonight I scrambled my way to the Independent to go see my good friend Emm play. She was moonlighting with the band A Camp (pronounced Acamp, not "A" camp) singing backup and playing the keyboard. What about the Swedes?

Probably because A Camp's front woman is Nina Persson of Cardigans fame. Here she is singing what I believe to be a song about field goals.

Nina Persson kind of reminds me of Kirsten Dunst. But with much better teeth. And a much better voice. And better fashion sense. OK, so she is nothing like Kirsten Dunst rather, Kirsten Dunst is like the B version of Nina Persson.

Ebony and Ivory duet did not have quite the same charm as the original (j/k)

oop, too late on the trigger finger. Band leaving stage.

So here is Emm doing a video diary thing that I presume she was gonna email to her husband in Canada. The guy is Paul whom I know from the Emm circle of fans and friends. He lives in SF.

Paul, me, Emm. Paul, always tries to get his legs into pictures.

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