Sunday, May 31, 2009

Make This! Maker Faire

There just about something for everyone. If nothing appeals to you at this faire, then you have no soul.

You don't like the life-sized Mouse Trap board game? No soul!

Cool papercraft? No soul!

Giant Ham and Steak pillows? No soul!

Weird... train... house... thing... No soul!

Snail car? With fire spouting eye stalks? No soul!

Funnel cake? Everyone loves funnel cake. No soul!

These people obviously have souls. The throngs assembled to watch the Mouse Trap contraption go.

I don't care if you have no soul, this thing was so cool, it could possibly grant you a soul so even the soulless have a reason to attend the faire.

Using some black magic mirror trickery, it projected a very 3d-esque image onto this flat table. It was like looking into some sort of magic mirror pool for soothsaying. Soul granted!

Giant chicken skewers? No soul!

Ridiculously large Paella? No soul!

Jambalaya? No soul!

Giant robot hand? No soul!

That moves?!? No soul!

Homemade segway? No soul!

Fire sculpture? I'm getting tired of typing " No soul!" even though I'm just copying and pasting it.

More giant hand crushing stuff.

This is crazy! Shooting some 10k volts through a coil wrapped around a quarter not only made the coil explode, but it could all the copper in this quarter to contract into what could possibly be the world's coolest shirt button.

Silicon Skull. Home of Robo-He-man.

Giant angel wing sculpture.

Massively Multiplayer Thumb-wrestling. These guys may have souls but do they have lives?

Empty soda 2 liter wavy sculpture.

Lego enthusiast club

Gear staircase thing.

THE diet coke and mentos guys did a performance. Very cool to watch live.

Shark car?

Giant robot beetles.

The Tron LED coffee table.

And if you don't like Ramen, you also have no soul!!! from Santa Ramen.
OK, ok, vegetarians get a pass.

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