Sunday, September 21, 2008

Treasure Island Musical Festival, BBQ

An adventure on Treasure Island? I haven't been back to T.I. in a long long time. The weather was great.

Treasure Island Music Festival

Featuring the Bay "Eye"

Dannon's fire grill of reclaimed house parts, chimney ceramics, and bricks was very reminiscent of Uncle Jerry's Q setup in Scarsdale.

Double Q'ing. The meat grill was on an old small bucket styled grill behind the brick one. The high walls help to reflect heat back onto the food.

Here is my fruit salad with nectarines, peaches , blueberries, and figs. Also thyme, grated ginger, lemon zest, lemon juice, and syrup (water + sugar). I should have gotten white peaches but last time I made this the nectarines were also white so I had two white fruits. I'll get it right one of these days. Again, the recipe is found here. The figs were an addition and I recommend only 2 of the nectarines and peaches instead of the suggested 4. You'd need a GIANT salad bowl to fit that much fruit and mix it up.

Red corn?

Slightly charred chicken

Veggie Kabob



So my consolation prize for not getting Point Break Live was that I was able to see Tegan and Sara and that might be a good thing because according to this video released just two days ago, it sounds like this is the last time they are touring North America? I have only heard their music and never seen what these two look like or knew anything about them but it turns out they are identical twins which explains their eeriely good Simon and Garfunkel transcending vocal synchronization which definitely lends to their sound and style. It also turns out they are both identically homosexual which explained the usually large amount of lesbian couples around us. I was confused as to why all these girls were hugging each other at first. Normally seeing lesbians is no big deal and while it still remains not a big deal, it was just mysteriously odd that so many should coincidentally show up in your immediate vicinity. Maybe I just don't have lesbian-radar senses? Maybe I never notice them. Male gay couples I seem to see all the time. They are also Canadian.

Anyways, here is some video and audio accompaniment.


colors O_o

watching from the rocks. Watching the show for free! I said "Ha! those suckers on the other side of the fence can't get close enough to the water to take nice pictures of the city scape."

Akiha is actually very cold here.

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