Saturday, September 13, 2008

Almost a real rattlesnake round-up

While sitting on the porch at co-worker Mike's log cabin, talking to other co-worker Dave and watching the pit bull attack my hot wings, a strange sound interrupted us. It was a rattle snake! The snake noose was quickly retrieved and the thought of rattle snake steak got me all giddy. Alas, rattle snakes are not dumb. It went under a rock and hid there good. It knew I wanted to eat it so there it stayed all day. It's probably still there right now.

Dorie, Phoebe, and Tre (120 lb dog!)

There was one dog I didn't get a picture of (two actually). One was a dog paralyzed from the waist down named Popeye. He wore a pair of shiny silver shorts over his legs dragging them around and looked like a Merdog sans tail flippers. The other was a tiny Daschund named Vienna (yes, like a sausage).

onto food.

some sort of stuffed Salmon.

So I missed two dishes but they are here on my plate. Both were brought by Diane's (Mike's wife) Persian co-worker Affi (sp?). The rice has an interested technique. They line the bottom of the big circular dish with oil and then layer on top of that some flat bread. Persian bread? I forget exactly what type. So instead of getting a layer of super hard to eat rice (note, this ain't no bibimbap stoneware) you get some really nice crunchy bread that is both good and keeps the rice safe. The other dish is hiding off on the right side of the dish. It had eggplant and what I believe was pork? Maybe beef or even lamb. It also had these strange lemony fruits in it and powder made from the same unidentified lemony (not lemons) fruit.

Some of Mike's old Animag buddies showed up. Mike was the Art Director for an old school Anime Magazine called Animag. In fact, he has a collection of original art works (such as covers from the classic anime artists of the 70s and 80s) that would make some Anime fans wet their pants. I recall seeing an original Dirty Pair drawing. A big one. This might be the one.

And some original anime cells. And lots of other stuff. Apparently one of his friends, Matt is largely responsible for bringing anime to the USA. I think the story he was telling was his nephew was at an anime convention and at some presentation the presenter said something like "anime in the USA can be tracked to one man. His name is Matt (didn't get his last name)." And his nephew was confused or something. Is my uncle famous? I think he is the original founder of the Berkeley/Cal anime club. Apparently he's had rattlesnake before!


Deda said...

the place looks cool...
what does rattle snake taste like that you want to eat it so bad?

Nat said...

they said like a mix of chicken and unagi!