Sunday, September 28, 2008

"I don't remember doing that..." Kevin's Birthday, Drinkfest 08

Kevin's Birthday post

At El Farolito's (24th and Mission) for Burrtios.

Carne Asada. yum!

Then we went to El Rio for drinks and karaoke only the karaoke room was rented out for a private party and was full of idiots who could not sing. Bastards!

Kevin's drunk already. This man, drank like a champion this night.

Here is a dark video of Kevin pretending he is Scottish, talking to Debbie.

Gather around to watch this video of crazy people who aren't us dancing.

Gather around, we are now the crazy people dancing.

Beware: contents under pressure.

Oh, my back...

"I don't remember that..."

Canto-star pose.

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