Saturday, July 07, 2007

Panas Pride

Assortments from Tasty Curry on 9th Avenue.

Me with my former classmate, alumni, and Panas Player, Stephanie. So Stephanie is the first person that I went to high school with that I've seen this century. Technically I've seen Tina but she was there for just 6 months so Steph is the first... well full time schoolmate. It was nice seeing an distantly familiar face in person. Only here for a year and we agree, "Pizza is better in New York." Although I'm kinda glad I've finally found some decent pizza places here in the city. That and she said west coasters are nicer because they tend to get into pissing contests less; something I didn't really notice or remember noticing out east. I guess if you said who is more likely to say "what the hell are you looking at?" I would have to pick the east coaster over the west coaster. So anyways, no I never had Panas Pride. It's good to know Panas is considered something like in the top 200 of US high schools, but I feel like there was so much wasted potential in those years. It didn't really prepare me for much of anything other than skipping classes, weaseling my way to the band room, and how to fake book reports. There were definitely some good teachers but as a whole, that didn't make up for what school could have been. Oh well!

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