Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Seriously, how am I supposed to go back to eating banana bread after Plum cake and now Pluot cake. Well I suppose the answer would be that banana's grow year round.


So a friend on myspace posted this interested BBC documentary that aired back in March of 2007 titled The Great Global Warming Swindle. I'm half way through it and it is quite interesting. A lot of scientific dudes talking and handy graphs. They even take Al Gore's bit from the Inconvenient Truth and elaborate on that to make a very compelling and yet, not so surprising case. Global Warming is not caused by CO2. Global Warming is caused by the Sun! Specifics involve correlation between Cosmic activity and our Sun's sun spot activity. Cosmic rays apparently promote the formation of clouds which insulate us from heat. Solar rays/winds however blow those cosmic rays away and well it gets hotter. They also point out the ocean being the single largest source of CO2 on Earth and that the human contribution was miniscule in coomparison. Interesting and worth thinking about. The part I'm on right now is talking about Margret Thatcher fighting coal mine labor unions who were controlling industries and funding research to lean support dumping coal and going nuclear. The most ironic part so far has been these Global Cooling scare videos from the 70s. Anyways, check it out before they take it off Google.


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