Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Except while on vacation or during crunch time, I haven't gone a week without playing Super Bomberman on the SNES. In fact, during this calender year, I would say I've played this game on average over once per day (2 games are usually played with #losers booted by #new players). That's about 200 games just this year alone so I consider myself to know what I'm talking about. So today, Bomberman Live came out on Xbox Live Arcade. I played the demo and while it is not fair to judge the game without playing the whole thing, IT SUCKS. Of course it sucks that I could not play with the settings I'm used to. You have to buy the full version for that. But even still, while playing with no Punch Gloves in the demo, I failed to locate the Kick Boot icon from the list of crappy power ups in the game. I refuse to believe that it's not there. There was one icon that was a bid hard to read (why the heck would you change the icon?!?) that might have been the Boot. I don't like how the default flame size is the smallest size but from what I remember from Bomberman DS, that is something you can set. I don't like how the camera is at a perspective angle. I like seeing all the pieces out there and when there is perspective working against you, bombs will get obscured. I'm not saying that is an excuse for dying but I'm saying people will use it. And it's lame. Give me top down. I don't see the diseases. And worse of all, when you win, they stop you in your tracks and play a dopey animation. What happened to the victory lap? I want to draw patterns of bombs on my fallen foes! If Bomberman DS is any indication, they probably made the slide way too fast. Everything about the original Super Bomberman was just so great. Why change what's not broken. Actually Super Bomberman has some broken parts but they are the best broken parts ever. Some bugs actually make for great tactics that remain fair such as the sideways "fling" punch which can be performed by punching a sliding bomb without using any directional input.

This game on the other hand is silly and fun. Slapping for your honor! You have to click on either the right side and arc drag the mouse cursor up to slap your opponent or click on the left side and arc downwards (smiley face like) to avoid slaps. Rose & Camellia. I also like how it says "Intoroduction"

I made custard treats today.

1. Preheat over to 350/180
2. Brush dish (1 liter oven safe)'''or''' 6-8 small dishes with melted butter
3. Boil water (how much?)
4. Whisk: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1.5 cup milk, 1/2 cup cream, 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence for 1 minute
5. Pour mixture into dish(es)
6. Place dish(es) in a shallow baking dish and pour the boiling water into the dish to come up halfway up the side of the dish with custard mix
7. Sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg on top
8. Bake 15 minutes
9. Reduce heat to 315/160
10. Bake 20 more minutes (till wobbly)
11. Serve warm, cold, or frozen.

I like it cold. I just tried it warm and it didn't do it for me. A bit eggy and not so firm.

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