Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sushi AGAIN?!?!?!?

Oh no! So after a late night, I got up late to discover my strawberries were being ravaged by white cottony mold! I salvaged what I could out of the two boxes I had bought from New May Wan Grocers managing to still enjoy a solid batch of them. Yum! So Dan heard about my adventures to Kabuto Sushi and called me up to hit the place up. I wasn't doing anything but laundry so I thought, myeh. Why not?

What's on the menu???

Deda's vegatarian spread. Japanese Pumpkin, Tamago, Natto Handroll.

Always popular Hamachi Pear w/ Nigiri Toro

16-20 Kiss

Saikyo Sushi

Another popular: Mango Salmon Skin


S.F. Tsunami (a horrible thought!)

Sonoma Duck

Sushi Mozzarella

Macha (Green Tea) Creme Brule for Deda

Deep Thoughts: by Dan Nguyen.
We ordered a lot so it came out to be quite expensive. =(

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