Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fool's a fool's on April Fool's

How did April start? With a joke of course! It wasn't as much of a joke as it was me looking at an apartment. It was on 33rd Avenue on Geary right on the corner with the bus buzzing by. That wasn't so much of a joke than was those crazy chinese folks in the Richmond district.

A Chinese take on April Fool's Day: Falun Gong Marching Band? I kid you not.

Another joke? I saw this liscence plate in the parking spot next to mine in the Japan Center parking lot. Is it wrong that I slashed this guy's tires? Who was the joke on? You.

Fortunately Dinner was not filled with such mad cat hilarity. Apparently Casey doesn't get any cell reception inside his apartment so the joke was on us as we tried repeatedly to call him to meet up for sushi but alas, not able to reach him and with Etsuko explaining the intricate linguistic subtleties of "peko-pan" we took off for Kabuto Sushi. We scored an awesome parking spot right across the street on 15th Ave. and I was even more surprise to see no line outside as is a regular occurance at Kabuto. Arriving early does pay off!

Various dishes at various states of completion.

Akiha & Etsuko.

Mango Salmon Skin

Casey finally shows up. Contemplating his next move...

Casey's friend Brent. Me contemplating my next move...


I'm normally about that happy eating there but I don't recall being this happy. I think it was all the good company. I've only eaten here alone in the past.

Under shot of Casey at Creations Dessert.

Meeting up with Shinji for drinks afterwards at Cortez.

Etsuko, Shinji

Etsuko. with Akiha underneath!

We went to Ryoko's afterwards for more drinks (although I didn't drink due to the automobile thing) where Shinji had an estranged reunion with former co-workers. It was a fun day!

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