Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Man's time of the Month

Maybe practicing and teaching poker before playing poker is a bad thing. I tought several people how to play poker on Thursday in preparation for April Shaba poker and I think my pupils stole my mojo.

Exhibit A: The past few months, I've had this sort of formula. I lose $20. I buy in again. I lose more money and finally all-in with what's left of my money and then a riptide of good luck bestows me with lots of money. Enter photograph. Nevermind Shaba boss Chris Scholz was sober and racking in a lot of money, my boss Paul (and poker pupil) was my undoing as he called my all-in and took me out causing some sort of mass disturbance in the stars.

(rear) Yoko, Ed (front) Akiha, Casey, Matt

Akiha flashing her Poker bling

Is Romy going all in?

Another sign of mass spacial disturbances - Menzies wins $100 or so in one hand.

Konami '88 Olympics? The Arcade Cabinet got stuck on this game so we were forced to endure it's taunting and ludicrous design.

Matt and I champion on.

Loooooooong Jump. Many World Records were apparently broken that night.

Casey, Connie, Ed

Casey's new MySpace picture.

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