Monday, April 03, 2006

Rainy toy day, Clement St, and BANG!

I hope you didn't forget Daylights savings time! Because I did! I was an hour late to check out this apartment in the Richmond district. It was such a lovely and cute place! Both the bedroom and the living room had bay windows. There were a lot of early century ammenities such as ironing board from wall, ice box, vented cabinet for onions, potatos, and pies, deep sink for washing clothes, various specialty cabinets, and an adorable kitchen nook that was like having a mini dinner in your house. The man who was nice enough to swing by (an hour later) to show me the place had a really cute but not very socialable dog. Alas, it was poorly located (no so bad!). Rather I should say the other apartment I looked at was ideally located. More on that as it develops. I met up with Kevin, Romy, Dan, and Deda at the Blue Danube Cafe on 4th and Clement. A very nice place with delicious looking foods but due to my 1 hour lateness my schedule was thrown off and they were all just about finishing their foods. T___T Looked good. We went around to the local places and went toy shopping, stopping by at the Kowloon Desserts on 7th where I had some curry fishballs, egg puffs, and walnut tea/sweet soup, and eventually ending up at Dan's place where many a toys were opened and assembled. I left my toys in the car and rustled up a game of BANG! An Italian card game that Jeremy introduced to us a few weeks ago. It's sort of like that fun party card game Mafia King. Except you have cards to shoot people with and dynamite!

Genmai Tea and Rice Crackers. Chilling at Cafe du Nguyen. Deda, Kevin, Dan

Romy w/ new Godzilla microman figure.

Godzilla attacks like this? BANG! cards shown on table.

Godzilla drinks from Pixar 20th anniversary glass.

Deda reviewing BANG! rules.

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