Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'm all in?

1st friday of the month = Shaba poker night! I had lots of fun tonight on a nice relaxed table with Jason (ran off for a World of Warcraft Guild initiation - how lame!), Robert, Noah, Bradley, Peter, Burke, Sylvain and later on with Tamsen, Romy, Jimmy!, Kevin, Chris (one hand all-in blind), Tom. Casey showed up to take away some money. Burke had a very cute cavilier king charles spaniel which made me want to get one one day. Pizza for dinner courtesey of Shaba. Ended my night up $40! Sweet! It was an up and down night where I was going up and down for the most part except for a lucky run in combination with playing my hands correctly at the end of the night. Afterwards, we went to Shaba's lounge and jammed on this new Guitar game on their super big projector screen. It was goofy but fun. Besdies, I like goofy things!

$40 up? $900 car bill! ach!

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