Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blog Ro Mien part 2, Autumn Cleaning

Let the de-fattening begin...

Let the de-noodle-resting-in-bowling begin!

One of my roommates Dannon wants to have a garage sale so we sort through a bunch of junk, mostly left by previous roommates, to see what can be sold, thrown out, or pandered.

I unearth my hockey equipment bag and a few boxes of old art stuff and supplies.

Random crap. Some to bring to the office. A 2nd Place ribbon for something I apparently wasn't good enough at. A Three Amigos soundtrack casette tape. A Homer Simpson Pez despencer. A 5 year old pack of cigarettes I found one day and thought would make a good prank since I heard cigarettes get stale and nasty over time. A side of a milk carton signed by Chantel Kreviazuk. A Quebec souvenier license plate with my name on it. An old picture of me (see below). Some canvases I painted for color study. Casette singles.

A September 12th newspaper obviously from 2001.

Roommates Tim and Dannon dig through spray paints and fixatives.

An old environment concept picture I did for Matt O's class.

From a "How to" presentation I did for a public speaking class back at the Academy.

Dannon "finds" my old toxic design markers. I haven't used them in many years so it's time to let them move on.

An old photo spread from my Metreon days. One of the BADLANDS arcade boxes being constructed.

Hey! How'd you get out of your crate? Look, it's my very first purchases in San Francisco. Safeway and Linens.

A check from my old old old New York check book when I had a joint account with my mom.

And finally, teenage Nat in front of the Beer Store in Toronto. They also have a Liquor Store and a Cigar Store. Both named thusly. And also Hakim Optical! Like 10 of them. Also in the picture is my "Brugg" hat. Unfortunately, I lost this at Yorktown H.S. after a Tennis match. Brugg is a random patch sewn onto this hat that I got from the night market during my summer in Taiwan. If you don't understand the charm of a patch that just reads Brugg, then you never will.

Well, that was a nostalgic trip but it's all pretty much clutter. I threw out a lot of stuff that at one point I might have gotten sentimental about but now it's like "whatever." Somethings I'll keep. The mysterious 2nd place ribbon will make a nice office desk decoration. Milk Carton Chantel might just go to a friend. I doubt it's worth ebaying. My animation sheets from intro to animation were tossed. I think I have a tape of that stuff somewhere. Maybe back in Illinois. Anyways, it's too bad I don't have a copy of my final animation. It never did come out correctly due to a FPS issue. I should look for my "Why does the Sun shine?" animation as well stuck somewhere on a MAC zip disk.

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