Saturday, November 12, 2005


Kabuto Sushi. Sushi with personality. Fridays. Most people are heading into the city on Fridays causing a lot of traffic on the Bay Bridge, my preferred route of travel so on Fridays I take the Golden Gate Bridge into town. I swung by the apartment I've been trying to get. The "for rent" sign is still up so there still may be a chance! Keeping my fingers crossed! I haven't heard from the land lady in some time. Maybe she's on vacation. Or maybe getting NO rent money is really worth looking for someone who's willing to pay $50 more than me a month. And it's been over 6 weeks since I've tried to get that place. that's close to 2000 of my dollars they could have already had just to hold out for 50 x 12 = 600 extra bucks? Kabuto! Yes, normally you have to wait quite awhile to get a seat but both times I've gone the solo-bar-seat approach has sped me in in just about a 5 minute wait. sweet. The sushi at Kabuto is really something special. The way they are prepared. Presented... There is deliberate thought put into these dishes. Little details that... a SUSHI SNOB as myself can really appreciate. I ordered one dish and had the chef provide the rest of my menu. I ended up with a colorful selection of sushis. Each with its own appearance. Each with its own flavor. Each with its own personality.

Distinctive - HotApple, seared scallop with apple and some leaf thing. Rice. Sauce. Thing sushi let me know who it was. Eat me cause I'm mecha-umai! I still like the pear-hamachi better however. This was the only one I ordered off the menu.

Sophisticated - Topped with I think a maguro tartar of sorts. Season tuna or other fish atop seaweed and rice. The flavor was very complex with the seaweed sort of coming in from the background of your palette. well my palette.

Purity - some fish. I didn't find out which. Might have been a brand of toro. This nigiri was so pure, like the essense of fish. The zen of sushi.

Flamboyant - Kastunagi. I love that name! Leave it to the Japanese to come up with such clever names. Katsu + Unagi. I don't remember what the lower layers consisted of but a raspberry sauce made this dish particularly robust, almost a lustful feeling. HotApple is much more of an eye opener. Katsunagi was an experience that makes you flushed and warm.

Invigorating - Tart with an exciting explosion in your mouth. I later saw this being prepared for another group who sat next to me. Lime and salt were the side ingredient that brought this sushi's personality to the forefront.

Solemn - I couldn't understand the waitress when I ask what fish this was but this felt like the epitome of sushi. Very simple. Unlike Purity, this was more typical of sushi. Served with cranberry, the flavor was given more character. Because the chef picked the lineup, I ended up spend more than I wanted to, despite giving them my budget. Sigh. As I sipped my tea towards the end of the meal, I felt and soothing rush of endorphins flooding my brain.

Part 2, down the block at Creations Dessert. Order 22 - Pudding with Pomelo and mango - it made me very very cold... I got a frequent eater card. If I go 7 more times, I guess I get something? Free dessert?

After eating, I called Jimmy up to see what he was up to. We decided to go see a movie. I picked him up at his apartment and we headed to the Jtown Kabuki AMC. With 1 hour to blow before the movie, we partook in some snacks. Mocchi & Oolong Tea - dessert 2? snacks with Jimmy!

Jimmy takes On the Bridge XXX Curry Challenge. Well, it's not really a challenge but he had to size up their very spicy standards which fell short which seems to always be the case. I mean, the guy can drink habenero sauce. And I'm not talking about a spoonfull. Like a cup full of it. Nevertheless, he was very happy with the meal and the Japanese curry experience. Spice. Jimmy's endorphin.

Movie - Jarhead. I thought there would be more about post-war trauma but it becomes a well constructed multi-faceted view of war. I have to ask my friend about this movie because he was apparently a sniper in the gulf war. I dunno if he'd want to see it. It was a very good movie but despite the fact, I didn't really like it. Probably my mindset. Oh yeah. And the group of YAHOOs sitting behind me. Repeating every f*cking line in the movie.
movie: that's my wife
f*ckers: Oh shit! that's his wife!
Thanks! I would've never figured that out! We even got the cliche "Don't go in there!" and "Don't put your gun down!" Christ. At one point, one of them even put their SHOELESS feet up next to my head. What the hell is wrong with these people? So I guess Jarhead really didn't get a fair chance afterall. When they finally left the theater during the credits, Jimmy and I partook (there's that word again) in what he calls a "guilty pleasure" of us watching the credits only to point out funny or otherwise amusing names. Usually amusing for no reason. Names like Edward Salmon and Franklin Carp. I think those were in Serenity. I don't remember the ones we had in this movie. Oh well... Does anyone else do wu/ liao/ (nothing better to do) things like this with their friends? So the title roughly (is supposed to) means "1 - 2 super meal combo!!!"

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