Monday, July 13, 2009

Totally Awesome Saturday

Arcade Expo w/ Cat. Met Omz (in the middle w/ his daughter)

Raaargh! It's a bear! Shoot it!

8 player Tank Combat... is fucking awesome!!! I want one of these.

This game is great. I could never remember the name. I suppose I come have asked Maria. As strange as the name Pooyan is, I find it even stranger that the pig on the right is making sultry eyes at the wolf.

I made fun of Cat's dodging skills. She quickly upped her game and shut me up.

This character was like something out of a Erol Otus (my co-worker and former D&D artist) illustration.

This one is a bit weird too. Wacko even...

If Dante's Inferno (the new game) features a space man with a flame thrower, we'll know the game is just some remake hack.

Anyone remember this hologram game?

This was this interesting game where you turn a knob to 'tease' the character and their animations into a positive reaction. Turn too fast, too much, don't turn enough, and you'll get a negative reaction.

Cat waiting her turn. There was a funny moment when I was carrying Cat's niece (her sister came by but did not attend due to the high cost of expo admission. PS, Cat is engaged. PPS not to me) and thought if someone who I hadn't seen in some time saw me, they would have thought I got married and had a kid. Ha.

Cat attempting to seduce a nurse.


@ Pisco.

to celebrate the Birthday Princess, Jane.

And then down the street for Kat's birthday.

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