Saturday, July 25, 2009

500 Days of Miyazaki

if only. that would be some really educational stuff.

Saw this movie with Steve and Dan. I hadn't seen a trailer or anything for it. I forget the last movie I saw going in blind...

Afterwards, in Berkeley. Ran into a craaaaazy number of people I know and not just from this event. But mostly from this event. This is the Zellerbach Hall @ UCB/Cal. It looks like the home of the Morlocks.

I saw Hayao Miyazaki talk. If you don't know him, he IS the Walt Disney of Japan. Except he is Japanese. And alive. And way cooler. And has this stereotypical Japanese low-register grunt "Mmmmm" he does deeply contemplating his answer before speaking. And way cooler. Oh I said that. But to prove the point, he storyboards all of his movies in their entirety. But he did say that is what directors in Japan do. In the US they just... well I'm not sure but they surely don't storyboard. Neverless the entire movie. His advice to aspiring animators (which I think applies to all creative fields) was to endlessly practice and seek critical feedback from those who will not seek to inflate your ego or go easy on you.

After-after. Sausages and Frites w/ roasted tomatoes at La Note in Berkeley w/ Dan and some of his Pixar friends. I believe this was on Shattuck, somewhere well south of University.

Beckett's Irish Grill and Pub for some drinks and in house Pirate sing-a-longs. Seriously...

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