Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Working, Memorial Food, Folks, and Family.

Having to work all weekend for a big deadline, I was glad to be able to "escape" from work. Here at Anthony's Memorial Day BBQ.

And the reason I could escape was because brother Gabe and Sue were in town visiting. Well they were at a wedding but today they were visiting.

Everyone watching various people playing Grand Theft Auto 4. Lots of silly entertainment just from us driving around.

Ben's Pesto Shrimp.

Skip to dinner at Shimo. Gabe was happy to try several new sushi items including Herring Roe, Wagyu Beef, Blue Fin Tuna (Hon-Maguro), Walu, and some other fish. He ordered every item on the sushi special menu. Also on the dish, Tamago, Alaska roll, Tekka, and Uni.

Detail of Herring Roe. This was weird and crunchy. Not quite the texture I'm looking for in sushi. One of those interesting to try but probably not necessarily more than once things.

Walu - a.k.a. Escolar

Sue could not eat raw fish due to her stomach invader. She's having Tempura Udon.

At the Tian Tong place, Gabe ordered Durian. What a smell!!! >___<

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Gabe said...

The other fish was kanpachi.