Saturday, May 17, 2008

This was a triumph, I making a note here...

Yes, huge success.

So my high concept for dinner tonight was Scallop Risotto. I used some dried scallop (Two medium pieces --> $1.09) to create my broth that would be the base of the risotto.

I used a minced asparagus (with just a little bit of garlic) soffritto. Here you can see the broken down scallop in the risotto as stringy strips.

And with scallop risotto, what else but SCALLOP! Pan seared with ground black pepper, kosher salt, and a tiny bit of minced garlic and ginger.

Oven roasted asparagus.

And the final assembly. The only thing missing was some complementary dishes. This portion really should have been split between two people with some other dishes to complete the meal. A dish with a sweetish sauce would have been great. I will probably feature a full set of this (and other) dish in a future dinner party.

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