Friday, December 30, 2005

Day of Boring Blog Title

Body Works 2. This show is cool from a distance but really morbid in close and in reality.

(L-R) Uncle Al, Gabe, Sue, Al's brother Paul, Dad, Mom, Unrelated Uncle ?

Rachel & James (no relation), Grandma, Aunt Jane, Becky, Lester, Maria, Ariel.

Enter "self proclaimed cake cutting pro"

Jonathan, Grandma, Charlene

Jonathan, Grandma, Charlene, Sue, Gabe

Ariel. Sleeping.

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Christina said...

Hey Nat! :) Looks like you are having a great time. Is that your family you are visiting? Looks fun!!! By the way, I've always wanted to visit the Body Works exhibit....I should look it up!! Interesting stuff! Talk to you soon. Take Care. :D