Sunday, December 18, 2005


lost 5 pounds.
bed ridden all day.
not eating much.

Fuddruckers - turkey burger. (bad meat?)
King Kong - 3 hours. (bad movie?) no more like long movie. too many unneccesary scenes.
Rain - lots of it.
Exiting summartive mode. So Romy drops me downtown. I swing by to the metreon. Hmm... I was hungry before but oddly I'm not quite feeling my appetite. I think I'll go walk it off. Or sit it off. Either way, I'll mozy around until I get my appetite back. Finally I get around and order some tortollini at the ol' Firewood Cafe. hleB. undercooked. Um, could you cook this some more? It takes some time... They must be RE-cooking it now. Um, undercooked again? helB. remember those nice homeless people? Well one of them get's my dinner. Browsing at Macy's. Thinking about getting some jackets. Going to a party... Maybe I'll walk in the rain!






The party is not what I was expecting. When I first arrived, I was soaked (as previously stated) so I went looking for the coat check. Which turned out to also be the bar? ok, sure. Why not mix all your jacket and boozing needs together. I went around the place: the set up was a bunch of rooms openly interconnected. One room I found was a bright pink studio with all sorts of tacky designs up. Well, I should say it was more eccentric and colorful. I'm just not overly fond of pink. This room feature the works of Dee Dee Russells. "Indispensible to San Francisco" according to the SF Weekly, (see ) and self proclaimed anti-fashion queen of the bay; it was indeed a new and peculiar experience. All of it was. I had no idea what I was doing there. It was pretty obvious from the get go that it just wasn't my thing. In a state of confusion, I agreed to help Ms. Russells cut out some pricing labels for her feature works and was subsequently given a "gift." Well in this world, it was a grand gesture but in my world I honestly thought "What? the f*ck?" She gave me this 8 or 10 inch braided human hair thing embedded with those novelty flashing lights. Lots of people were wearing flashing lights. I guess it was the thing. Then these two girls show up who want to kiss me. I didn't think I was in a position to refuse. Ms. Russells informs me that I have been SNOGGED by the infamous kissing bandits. Twice. And I had the stickers on my shirt to prove it. It is apparent that other party attendees take notice exclaiming "oh my god! I can't believe you got snogged twice!" Ms. Russells also informs me that the present company are the type to attend the infamous 'Burning Man' I am so at the wrong party. So the real reason I even arrived at the gig was because this fellow who sings with Tina said he had a gig there and I had seen him preform with her the previous week. He was pretty good but he gave me the impression that she was going to perform with him when in reality, she HAS preformed with him and still does on occasion but such was not the case tonight. I still tried to enjoy myself but when his show began, oops! someone is lighting up. Definitely not my thing. I tried to cough it up and rough it out but 2nd hand 'smoke' just gives me headaches. Around the rooms, tried to dance a bit. In the end I just had to bail. I tried my best to enjoy a new situation but in the end I was cold and tired. Caught a cab in the rain. Got home. Tried to take a hot shower to warm myself up and then got back to the beginning of the blog entry.

lost 5 pounds.
bed ridden all day.
not eating much.

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