Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pirate Birthday

The morning started with a hustle and bustle run to get a present for the dedasaur and find my way in to Fort Mason which had its parking closed because there was a Blues Festival there. Eek, there was some wandering about but I eventually found parking and made my way to Black Point Battery which is a nice choice spot to picnic. Which is what we did! Korean pancakes, sushi, croquette, italian rice salad, tamago, noodle salad, sangria, something else? The view was great and the time was nice and relaxed. A couple showed up near us and while others went for a walk, the man managed to perform the biggest display of cliche romanticism. From the checkered picnic sheet, strawberries, wine, guitar seranade, to the "get a room" make out session. Sheesh buddy, get a room!

As camp broke to the bluesy sounds of Fort Mason Blues Festival carrying itself over the hills, a group comprised of Dan, Kevin, Jeremy, and myself took off the chill at Canvas Gallery and Cafe. Drinks were had by others, I had a nap.

Next destination was Gallery Viz in Millbrae to check out some cool art from some old school mates. My camera batteries weren't in very good shape but you'll just have to use your imagination. It was neat.

Dinner at New Hoi Fai Seafood Restaurant in Millbrae. It was really crowded with the line spilling outside. My aunt and uncle took me there once. Menu list: Hot & Sour Soup, Honey Walnut Prawns, Lobster in "Supreme Sauce", Braised Tofu and Vegetables, Chicken and Salty Fish Fried Rice, and Taro Tapioca.

Crappy drive home. Blah.

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