Friday, September 02, 2005


Unlike the crappy British concert, LiveAid this benefit fundraiser is sans crappy out of tune singers. So instead of our regular Crocky gamblers den, we had a fundraiser for the Red Cross for the Katrina relief. A mountain of prizes was collected from various employees to substitute as the winnings and extra money in the pot bought you an "extra life" ticket. The eventual winner would be the unscathed Toby. In the end our little office pull in around $200? Well I guess the "around" qualifies the question mark. And our parent company Activision will eventually match it when they send in their donations. On a sad note, this would be Crocky's last tour of duty. Through the magic known as the internet and the miracle that is sliced bread, I can report from the future on these matters. Don't you wish you could travel in time? You'd never believe what you told me yesterday.

Look at all them prizes!

Terry and Paul have the best "Got Bit by Crocky" reactions. Amusing to behold.

A victorious Toby displays his money and ticket as proof of having the virgin hand of Crocky.

Pot of Loot.

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