Friday, March 13, 2009

Volcano Curry

A "Curry house" opened up near my place. It was getting pretty slammed on Yelp. I added a review because I thought this place didn't deserve to get their business killed by shitty and picky yelp reviewers. I think they were all jaded because they wanted some "Richmond Curry Heaven" as I call it in my review, when in reality it is cheap fast food style establishment. "The Gordo's of Curry" which just happens to be next door. Don't go there expecting a great meal, although both Anthony and Jeremy were very happy with their meal.

My final review was 2/5 stars for food, 1/5 for value. But that is a very borderline 3 of 5. If they were open later, I might have added it to my "oh crap, it's 9pm, gotta find a late dinner somewhere!" list.

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