Saturday, March 21, 2009


Saw this at the Lumiere w/ Casey and Akiha. Also ran into Dice. The poster says "Gondry, Carax and Bong have each contributed a poignant commentary about what life is like in Tokyo and beyond, and when pieced together the result is quietly observational, imaginative and often very funny." Really? Maybe parts of it but I fail to see how a Sewer Dwelling Rat man represents life in Tokyo. Ok, it was a metaphor and the metaphor is taken but it still seems weird to read that in juxtaposition with what I just watched. I was hoping to see better constructed short piece work with a strong focus on the characters and the city as a character too. They felt like they could have been filmed in any city, in any language. Bong Joon-Ho had the best piece. Gondry's was out there. I thought I was getting what I was hoping to see but then that one just steered off a cliff of WTF. Carax had an entertaining first half (Sewer Rat man - "call me Merde" heh) but the second half was very bleeeh. Bong's was great except the ending which works but come one. You had to go with that ending? =P

Went to Sushi Rock afterwards because they were open. Next time Casablanca Cafe! Keep your kitchen open late damnit! I might have to go to Lavash to get my fill of Med. food.

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