Saturday, July 19, 2008

Regular Spaghetti made interesting.

Cheese crisps are fun and easy to make! You do need to have a silicone baking mat (~$20).

Just throw it in the oven (mine was at 350 degrees?) for about 5-10 minutes and then let those suckers cool. The Montasio was just a test. It was really subtle eating it normal would probably be a better use of it. The Pecorino has a higher salt content (or maybe I just had more?) making for a stronger season. Parmigianno Reggiano had a stronger flavor.

So it seems that they use my brand of Italian canned tomatoes on Iron Chef America. I must have good tastes!

Viola. Made with fresh thyme and oregano. I think fresh thyme is a must in your tomato sauces. Well not all of them but for a classic red tomato sauce. Yum. Met up with Chien Tan'er Jocelyn who is in town for some training seminars. No pictures. I solved the Rubik Cube 3 times one day. Only have two more algorithms to learn. Back to work.

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bittermelon said...

mmmm cheeeeeese crisps. that looks good. btw osteria mozza has a mozzarella bar. yup. 16 items. S I X T E E N!