Sunday, July 06, 2008

Have you ever eaten so much...

that you started to lose feeling in your right arm? That happened today, although I don't think it was the quantity of food. More so, the contents of the food. I forgot my camera (gasp!) but the internet has provided me with stolen images.

Went to Thanh Long for their famous Roasted Crab and Garlic Noodles. It was an epic meal. It took over two hours to deshell and eat that huge #$%er! A whole crab was just too epic for one person, unless that one person was Gabe. He could probably eat two of these crabs. Anyways, after I finished eating, my right arm started to lose not feeling. More like strength. You know when your arm is numb but not totally numb like right after you wake up from sleeping on it but like a few minutes afterwards when you are able to move it but you wouldn't want to do any heavy lifting with it? I could feel and sense with it just fine but the strength was being drained away. I wonder if Crabs have any strange chemicals in them. Maybe cholesterol.

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