Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mystery Gnochetti Concoction

Gnochetti w/ Buffalo Mozzarella
A Tomato concasse sauce w/ onions, capers, wine reduction, and fresh lemon juice
Basil, Italian Parsley, Spinach, Pecorino, Cream sauce

The sauce is pretty tart with the pure tomato, capers, and lemon juice but the other elements blend together well. This impromptu recipe can be improved but I'm not cool enough to know what I should do. I'll just ask Deda.


Deda said...

Spinach always make stuff watery that is why is good for risotto.
Now when you try to make a sauce it is no ideal to use spinach.
This one seemed like a "sweet" plate... so i wouldn't put capers in next time.
Capers go well with salty/sour so tomato sauce with olives and capers and oninions taste great together!

If you want to make something thicker think in terms of bechamelle sauce: add a bit of flour... and cook the spinach not with water but with milk and butter. Spinaches have iron but it's not good for the calcium in your body, that is why you should never eat spinaches if you have a broken bone. That is why you cook them in milk instead of water...

bittermelon said...

oh my god, i wish i had my own deda. she's brimming with wisdom. awesome. the dish you made sounds good.