Saturday, June 14, 2008


So most readers know Deda. Meet Grace who during the Academy days was the other half of this powerhouse art duo. Those two were hardly ever seen separated. Grace is briefly visiting from Singapore where she's the Department Director of Animation at a Government run University. Her DSLR kicks my photos ass handily. Okonomiyaki @ Mifune.

After meal drinks at the O Izakaya Lounge at the Kabuki Hotel.

Their wall paper.

More tomorrow!


ma said...

hey, that's the girl whose mother I helped keeping company at the graduation!

ghydrant said...

Yes!! That's how I tell me mum about Nat and you too, auntie!
" Mum, remember hte Taiwanese guy, whose mum you were hanging out with at my graduation? That's Nat, I'm visiting too!" haa...
Hey Nat, really nice pictures!!
I am still going through mine.. Work has been keepign me busy, with alot of catching up to do...
I will do Flickr.. Update you guys with the links! ^_~
Thanks for the wonderful time@SF! So missing it already!!
Gonna be back there with my boyfriend again!! *Hiaks*