Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Remember Remember the 27th of December

Snake Soup, Tian/ Tan, and roast duck
I see no reason why snake soup, tian/ tan
Should ever be forgot...

Breakfast spread

What would become our home away from home.

I could tell you what all these are but it'd be fun to try to figure that out for yourself. Use the menu shown below.

The siblings. My head looks so big! Even without the hair.

I think some lady was trying to say "don't take a picture of our menu!" but she was speaking Cantonese so I'll never know. Besides, HA!

Pacific Mall

Sue getting down with Uncle Billy.

Return to base camp for more MJ. This hand wasn't that great.

Ajisai @ Bayview
All you can eat Japanese food. $10 Lunch $18 Dinner. And that's in Canadian dollars! So it's about $8 and $15 USD.

Spider Roll claw

Mostly Unagi and Inari



Green Tea & Red Bean Ice Cream.

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