Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sailaway / Dedaday

(Secret Pirate snuck in) Snacks at the Tea House - Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park

Death to Cheesecake

Death to veggie Pizza

Death to Kevin (???)

Deda Sparrow defending the honor of Lady Kawabunga.

Bridge of Friendship - I am wearing my "Pirate Pendant"

How easily the Bridge of Friendship is betrayed. I am afraid. Yes, really. You see, GT can sometimes be a clumsy girl. Afraid.

It's a Dedasaur! ichiban no shashin

at the Koi pond (with no Koi) where we would stay and be loud for the next hour or so.

niban no shashin

Pirate GT

"It's all mine" umm... what's Yaoi mean anyways?

No caption required!

Karaoke at Do Re Mi. They had a decent selection of songs.
There is a 4 in 5 chance that she is singing "Gackt Chan Sukiiiiiiii"

Obon Odori Festival, Japantown, SF

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Deda,
Nice photos!! I can tell that you guys had much fun!! Sorry that I missed it. When are you leaving? Hope I can see you b4 you leave..
Could you give me a call?? or email me your number.
-Eun Sun